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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 24, 2010 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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his last murder. that's our report. thanks for watching. i'm john seigenthaler right now on msnbc, bonnie and the gulf coast. the tropical depression gunning right for the oil spill. what's the fallout? a nuclear threat, north korea says it will take action to stop military exercises between the u.s. and south korea. the latest on the escalating tensions. another roller coaster ride. wall street ends the week on a high note, but does this mean more jobs are on the way? and split second save, a pilot in a military jet ejects just before his plane goes down. and it is all caught on tape. very good morning, everyone, i'm veronica de la cruz in for
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alex whit. we begin with the second storm of the 2010 hurricane season, now with its sights on new orleans and the gulf tropical storm bonnie weakened to a tropical depression. it is regaining strength and threatening the beleaguered gulf coast. it brought heavy rain midday friday with winds around 40 miles per hour. for the latest on bonnie, let's go to meteorologist bill karins. >> good saturday morning, everyone, and everyone waking up on the gulf and wondering what you're going to experience with bonnie, don't expect much. the storm has not regenerated overnight. it's even more unorganized. the pressure is up, which means the storm is weaker. it's going to be the equivalent of squalls going through. won't be the best beach day, but this is not going to be anything that's going to cause any headlines. the storm is still expected to track right over the site of the oil leak where they're trying to
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do kill operations. two days ago they had to pull everyone off the rigs. this is going to blow in and blow out, and it's going to be over with in a hurry. you can see on the radar, it doesn't look like much. just showers and thunderstorms there to the north and northwest of the center. and that for the most part will head to mobile bay and areas in new orleans during the day today. here's how it looks on satellite. and you wouldn't even know there's a tropical system in the gulf by looking at this picture. very little in the way of bright reds. that's where we show where the showers and thunderstorms are. and that is as i mentioned heading right over the top of the oil spill. the waves, none, 2-foot waves, 3-foot waves. the official forecast from the hurricane center does have it going back up briefly to a very weak tropical storm as it makes landfall. but there won't be a significant landfall with this system because it's so weak. all good news on the tropical depression bonnie front. it shouldn't push much of the oil anywhere either. we'll be done with this system and keep our eyes out for the next one which will probably be shortly behind it in the
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atlantic. back to you. >> thanks so much, bill. in louisiana, bobby jindal says the state is prepared for the storm as voluntary evacuations take place in low-lying coastal parishes. live in new orleans. good morning to you, janet. what are officials saying ahead of this storm? >> reporter: well, you know, bonnie has never really gotten her act together. she's been very disorganized storm. that said, there are tropical storm warnings along the northern gulf coast this morning. and she could come ashore later tonight. is expected to come ashore later tonight, perhaps even here over lake pontchartrain in new orleans. bonnie first made landfall south of miami on friday morning. no significant reports of damage. sustained winds of 40 miles an hour. she was downgraded to a tropical depression, but could regain some strength back into open waters. this is going to be largely for this year a rainmaker perhaps as much as 2 to 4 inches of rain.
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governor bobby jindal says they always prepare for one category stronger than projected. so they've got their preparations in place for what would be a category one hurricane. but that seems at this point very unlikely to happen. we're just going to get a lot of rain in this area. there have been voluntary evacuations called for some of the low-lying parishes here, for low-lying areas in some of the parishes. but people are just really keeping a watchful eye on it at this point. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. back to you. >> and janet, what are local residents saying at this point? i would imagine they're pretty frustrated given the progress that's being made with the oil spill. all right, janet, i think you're having some trouble with audio. we'll go ahead and get back to you on that. in the meantime, also evacuating the gulf are workers at the former site of the deepwater horizon rig. leaving only those controlling
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the deep sea robots, monitoring the containment cap. but will they remain on site or be forced back to shore by tropical storm bonnie? nbc's charles hadlock is live this morning in venice, louisiana. charles, what's the answer? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you, watching bill's forecast. if coast guard officials had known now what they knew then what they know now, they probably would have not evacuated. this storm is really turning out to be nothing much to worry about. that said, it was on track to become a tropical storm with winds over 50 miles an hour. that really would've disrupted the operation 50 miles off the coast of venice, louisiana. so to play it safe, they shut down the relief wells, they pulled many of the vessels away. most of those are the robotic operating camera vessels left. and they are keeping watch on that capped well. and they will probably remain on-site as long as the storm doesn't intensify too much more. that was the plan by the coast guard. once this storm passes later
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tonight, tomorrow, those ships will return to the area and begin the relief well process, which was supposed to begin today. today we would have been telling you about the beginning of the end of the kill process for this well, but that will have to wait a couple more days. veronica? >> regardless, though, this is going to impede the progress being made there, charles. how much progress will it be impeded? >> reporter: well, by several days. the good news is, that cap is in place. there's no oil of appreciable amounts of oil flowing into the gulf of mexico. and haven't been for the last eight to ten days. that's the best news of all because out in the gulf of mexico, there are still large pockets of oil, but they're shrinking in size and they're becoming harder to find according to the coast guard. that's why they pulled many of the skimming vessels off ahead of the storm. >> charles hadlock, live for us this morning in venice, louisiana. thank you so much. and for the latest on the tropical depression in the gulf of mexico and details about the
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forecast in your area, log on to the weather channel's website. you can find it online at all right. in new mexico, crews are working to clear debris from a road completely covered by a landslide. punishing rains trigger that landslide. the road leads to an observatory in the southwestern city of magdalina. more intense storms expected today. the area is still recovering from flooding after severe thunderstorms soaked the region earlier this week. flooding forced officials to close milwaukee's airport early yesterday morning with flights resuming later in the day. and this was the scene north of downtown milwaukee when a massive sink hole opened in a major intersection swallowing up a cadillac escalade. unfortunately no one was hurt. those storms aren't expected to start clearing out until tonight. a new round of pointed partisan attacks this morning. underscore two points. one, the economy is still struggling, and two, the midterm
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elections are right around the corner. take a listen. >> they're the same policies that led us into this recession. they won't create jobs, they will kill them. they won't reduce our deficit, they will add $1 trillion to our deficit. they will take us back ward at a time when we need to keep america moving forward. >> and if they haven't already done enough to wreck our recovery, democrats in washington are pushing more spending, more regulation, and right around the corner, more taxes. >> all right. let's bring in mike at the white house. listening to those sound bites, are these attacks just getting started? >> reporter: what's interesting, the democrats were able to pass the major legislation in this election year that they were able to do. like it or hate it, health care, wall street reform, these are major landmark pieces of legislation. they were able to do it in a highly partisan atmosphere. but from here on out, it gets
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nothing but more strident as there's so much at stake. even the white house conceding in recent weeks that republicans could win the 39 seats. that's an astronomical number in a midterm election to take back the house of representatives the democrats have held the majority in since 2006. the fight that you're going to see playing out over the nt couple of months, perfect microcosm in the duelling weekly addresses. the bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 are going to expire at the end of this year. some of them, democrats are interested in extending, some of them they will not move to extend. and those include the so-called "death" or estate tax is now at zero, which goes way back up in the 40% to 50% range at the end of this year. and the marginal tax rate for the wealthiest americans, of course, president obama has said time and time again that he will not raise taxes on couples earning less than $250,000 a year. everybody else, their marginal tax rate is likely to go much
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higher. the per child tax credit, that is something that democrats are interested in extending. >> live for us this morning, thank you so much. >> okay. treasury secretary tim geithner is offering encouraging words when it comes to the economy. geithner sat down with nbc's david gregory in a "meet the press" interview set to air tomorrow. asking him to respond to comments by ben bernanke who says the nation's outlook is uncertain. >> if you look at private forecasters, they see an economy that's going to continue to grow, strengthen moderately over the next 18 months or so. and i talked to businesses across the country, and i'd say that's the general view. an economy that's gradually getting better. >> you can catch the full interview on tomorrow morning's "meet the press" on your nbc station. well, there is new video of a dramatic rescue in georgia after a woman fell in front of an oncoming train. surveillance tape shows the visually impaired woman accidentally walking off the platform edge as a train barrels
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into the station. shocked commuters jumped to action desperately waving their arms to get the train to stop. and incredibly, the train stopped just in the nick of time. and scary moments for a group of children in washington state after the van they were riding in struck a tree. it was carrying 21 kids when it crashed late yesterday. eight children suffered scrapes and bruises. the driver of the van suffered more serious injuries. and the crash is under investigation. still ahead, the trouble of congressman charlie rangel. what his ethics trial could mean for democrats in the midterms. also, the stunning video as a fighter jet pilot makes a split second decision that saves his life. you'll see it happen. and the ugly scene after a bear breaks into a car, knocks it into gear, and the car starts rolling. this is "msnbc saturday."
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tropical depression bonnie is headed for a gulf coast states leaving florida behind. the storm is on the way toward the northern coast. mike seidel is in dolphin island, alabama, which is in bonnie's potential path. mike, good morning to you. what's it looking like right now? >> reporter: well, you can see behind me, veronica, the sea oats are not even moving this morning. a sure sign there's not a whiff of wind out here. bonnie is several hundred miles a way. it may not even hold on to the depression status before whatever it is gets here later tonight and early sunday morning. take you back to yesterday as it made its first landfall as a tropical storm in south florida, about the same place where andrew came in, but andrew was a category five, this was barely a tropical storm. we had wind gusts 40 to 50 miles
7:16 am
an hour and several hours of heavy rain. more of basically a nuisance, veronica. it moved across the coast and weakened to a depression by 5:00 eastern yesterday. satellite loop this morning shows you what's left. a lot of wind sheer, a lot of wind aloft, there's dry air thrown in there. two big factors keeping the tropical system, bonnie from intensifying and also keeping it from being a hurricane. that was never the forecast. but it was a forecast of a tropical storm going over the oil spill, thus unlike alex, which was 500 miles away about a month ago, they brought everyone inland. we're still going to have impact from this system today and tonight. we're looking at waves 5 maybe 6 or 7 feet. we had little impact on the boom. meanwhile this morning, veronica, it's 85 on the beach, the heat index is 95. as i mentioned, calm winds as the sun comes up. we will have showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. but again, we have dodged this one for the most part.
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but the bulk of the hurricane season runs from mid-august to mid-october. so there's a lot of the season left. as we always say at the weather channel, it only takes one. back to you. >> you're absolutely right about that. thanks so much. we'll check back with you in the next hour. the man in charge of the gulf oil spill compensation fund speaks today. a new program aimed at making it easier to file a claim is expected to be up and running next month. general stanley mcchrystal has officially retired after 34 years in the army. the general is the former commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan. he was forced to resign last month after making disparaging remarks in a "rolling stone" article. about 20 pentagon employees and contractors who allegedly bought and downloaded child pornography. a government report released yesterday said some of the employees used government-issued computers to view the material. the investigation was first reported by the boston globe.
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all right. congressman charlie rangel is the one in the hot seat, but democrats nationwide are feeling the heat despite facing a public and potentially ugly trial over alleged ethics violations. the 20-term democrat remains defiant just months ahead of the midterms. >> i want to make certain that before this election people know who charlie rangel was and is and proud to be. >> talking about reelection plans, do you envision winning? do you envision serving a full term? >> four people have filed, i don't intend to attempt to get them off the ballot. >> let's bring in kristin washington. thanks so much for joining us this morning. go ahead and walk us through the allegations facing the congressman? >> the panel hasn't released the allegations, but sources say the congressman is accused of
7:19 am
wrongly accepting four apartments in manhattan and wrongly using his office to secure a tax loophole for someone who pledged to give some money to an educational center in the congressman's name. >> you know, it seems like democrats dodged a bullet there with the blagojevich trial. could an ethics trial really hurt the party this fall? >> this is a nightmare for democrats. they're already struggling heading into november, they're struggling to raise money, struggling to capitalize on some of their legislative victories. and now a public trial on ethics charges, just weeks before voters go to the polls is going to generate embarrassing headlines, not just for the congressman, but for the party as a whole. and it's the party that came into power promising a squeaky clean congress. >> at this point, have you seen anyone? any democrats standing publicly behind rangel at this point? >> party leadership has stood behind him. and there was no indication when this first came out that there would be pressure for him to
7:20 am
resign, but that's changed. the pressure is building for him to step down. and we've seen that just yesterday. we have brad elsworth running to senate saying i'm going to donate to charity the campaign contributions i received from mr. rangel. now, this is going to start to play out across the country. the democrats are struggling already to maintain their seats. and as democrats in the weaker districts are in weaker positions as they campaign start to go to party leadership and say, you've got to do something to help us, the pressure will mount. >> right. and thursday definitely a big day as rangel goes before that house ethics committee. what sort of punishment might he face if he's found guilty? >> well, it could range from expulsion or to just rebuke. what happens next is that another subcommittee adjudicates. they'll consider the evidence. and if they determine there's been wrong doing, the full committee will vote on the punishment. >> all right. kristin roberts, thanks so much, we appreciate it. a trip to the dentist lasted
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hey there, welcome back. the markets kept investors on their toes this week. what started out looking like a disaster ended up appearing like a rebound might be on the way. joining us now to talk about is msnbc analyst vera gibbons. thank you very much for joining us. stocks rallied yesterday to a one-month high. >> that's good. >> are these gains sustainable? >> that's the big question mark.
7:25 am
the markets rallied, these companies coming out with good numbers, second quarter results looking good and some of them saying the remainder of the year looks very positive. so the market took that for what it was, very good news. you've also got the stress test, the bank stress test, weren't as bad as initially feared. ge came out saying they're boosting the dividend. the market liked what they saw, sprinkles of confidence. >> ben bernanke, what do you make of this? >> that's a concern. that's why you talk about the selloff after those remarks saying the economic outlook was unusually uncertain. wall street took that as very bad news, major selloff. and main street took it as what is going on here with the recovery? because it looks like just as we're making progress, we're actually going backwards. i think those comments raised a lot of questions amongst consumers. where is this recovery? and the big question mark is jobs. that's the big sort of missing link. >> jobless claims, they're up again this week. and i think the white house has been saying that they're probably going to stay at around
7:26 am
9% to 10% through 2012 or something. >> 37,000 yet again this week. and that's taken as very bad news. bernanke spoke to that saying the jobless rate recovery is going to be slower than actually expected. so you have people saying, well, where are the jobs? you've got 15 million americans -- >> where are the jobs? >> there are none right now. there's nothing being created in the private sector. it's a concern. the economy is growing, but at a slower pace than initially anticipated, forecasted six months ago. the economy's growing, but not fast enough to bring the unemployment rate down. that's what we're waiting for. there's no jobs being created. >> all right. vera gibbons, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, veronica. bears are known for their big appetites, but not necessarily known for their driving skills. officials in colorado say a bear broke into a teenager's car after smelling a peanut butter sandwich left on the backseat. the bear ended up shifting the
7:27 am
car out of gear. then it rolled more than 100 feet before crashing and trapping the animal inside. wildlife experts were eventually able to open the door and send the hungry thief back into the woods. yikes. well, apparently we're all screaming for ice cream this summer. shop owners from around the u.s. say they're making more cups and cones this season. the national ice cream retailers association says sales are up 25% from one year ago.
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built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. hey there, welcome back. it is "msnbc saturday," i'm veronica de la cruz. what's left of tropical storm bonnie is now a tropical depression. but it could gain strength moving westward over the gulf of mexico. forecasters say the storm may hit the gulf coast tonight or early tomorrow. north korea today is threatening to launch a nuclear attack as u.s. and south korea
7:31 am
go ahead with tomorrow's military exercises. north korea say they are a provocation that cannot be ignored. treasury secretary tim geithner says the economy is gradually getting better. and he says it's very encouraging. he made those comments in an interview to be aired tomorrow on "meet the press." the fdic has closed seven more banks, that makes 103 bank failures so far this year. the rate of closures is well ahead of last year's when 140 banks were taken over. and the publicist for zsa zsa gabor says she's undergoing surgery for a broken hip. she broke her hip last week falling out of bed. and those are your fast five headlines. developing now, tropical depression bonnie making its way across the gulf of mexico after drenching south florida. the storm could reach the northern gulf coast by tonight or early tomorrow. and for the people of the gulf, bonnie is yet one more obstacle after so many. let's take you live now to new
7:32 am
orleans and nbc's michelle kaczynski. how are people preparing for the storm? are they taking it seriously? >> reporter: yes and no. they've had so much to hit them over the last five years in the gulf. it's almost as if fate says, oh, wait a second, here's one more thing for you to work through, one more obstacle. trying to make a living and trying to get rid of the oil. in new orleans, they close the flood gates. and loaded up sandbags in the parish. on property still scarred from katrina and where those memories live so close to the surface. lynette gonzales known as "net" is trying to protect what's left of her livelihood. storms they know, but this is an ugly mix. >> i'm afraid of the oil, you
7:33 am
know, in the water coming up here. and what's going to happen then? >> reporter: working alongside it, they've been watching that water rise for weeks. already so high. >> immediately i just got to get out of harm's way, the water's coming. >> reporter: they also know every day spent crouching from a tropical storm will be a day not spent cleaning up oil. one day further from the end. >> we dodged a bullet now for three months. i don't think we're going to dodge this bullet. this bullet's -- oil's coming in. >> reporter: they lost everything in katrina, just bought this fishing boat they can't wait to use for fishing and not for oil. now getting it hurricane ready. >> the last thing we want to worry about is four boats we have scattered about louisiana. >> reporter: where life is tied to that water so is anxiety. and lately it only seems to be rising. the midst of the oil crisis, so many times we've heard people say well, at least with a storm it happens and then it's over. the stress level has just been
7:34 am
so high over the last several months, many here are exhausted and feel like this storm is the least of it at this point, veronica. >> nbc's michelle kosinski, thank you so much. there's no relief in sight for southern wisconsin which saw heavy flooding yesterday. heavy rain is forecasted from kansas up to the great lakes. meanwhile, a heat wave will continue to bake the south today. for the complete forecast, let's go now to nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill? >> well, good morning. everyone's talking about bonnie, but the heat wave is what's going to affect millions and millions of people in the eastern half of the country. one of the hottest weekends of the summer. i feel like i keep saying that every weekend. but look at these temperatures. we're widespread in the 90s. everywhere in red, so not many areas that aren't hot. and where we're going to be hot, it's going to be humid and steamy. look at new york city and d.c., possibility of another 100-degree day through the mid-atlantic. record highs will be shattered in those areas. the heat indices, 105 to 110.
7:35 am
so it's not a dry heat either. this is going to be a sweaty heat. temperatures down in the southeast are very hot too just like they've been and very little relief in the way of clouds. even as we head into the rest of the weekend, it's a slightly cooler air mass for areas of new york and d.c., but 97's still 97. and expect the last sunday right into next week. washington, d.c.'s been one of the places we've been highlighting all summer long. monday we drop down to 92, maybe finally by tuesday, we can at least have one day in the 80s. the other story this morning, a lot of flash flooding and river flooding through iowa into portions of illinois. we've had big thunderstorms overnight, those are continuing now to drift down through illinois and indiana. hopefully we'll get a break. it's been never ending, the rainfall in the areas from iowa to illinois. a lot of weather stories out there today. and probably bonnie probably dropping on the list with the flooding and the heat. >> to track the updates on bonnie and for the forecast where you are, head to
7:36 am
rescue crews are searching lake michigan for four people on board a medical plane that crashed into choppy waters on friday. the small aircraft was on the way to the may owe colo clinic. five people onboard when it went down, but boaters rescued the pilot. the plane reported a loss of power ten minutes before plunging into lake michigan. new stunning footage from a near tragedy from an air show in canada. his plane dove towards the ground. the plane was just 100 feet from the ground, the pilot ejected. and you can see his parachute open just before the jet crashed. it explodes into flames, and the pilot is now being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. big changes underway in a pair of california communities as the tough economic situation takes its toll on cash-strapped cities. much of the nation is cutting back, but as george lewis reports, not everyone is feeling the pinch. >> we don't have any confidence in them.
7:37 am
>> reporter: the city council meeting in california lasted into the wee hours. and the message from citizens was loud and clear. >> i had some kind of respect for you and now it's through the floor. >> reporter: city manager robert rizzo making almost $800,000 a year, police chief randy adams earning $457,000, and assistant city manager taking home $376,000. the three agreed to step down, but many voters also want the heads of the city council members who okayed the salaries. council members who serve part-time and earn $100,000 a year themselves. >> everybody in the nation is looking at this city. and we should be embarrassed. >> reporter: california's attorney general making a run for governor is launching an investigation. >> how in the world can a little city like this pay such
7:38 am
exorbitant salaries? >> reporter: then there's the little city next door, maywood, teetering on the brink of financial collapse, maywood got rid of all of the municipal employees. now everything here from garbage collection to law enforcement is outsourced. l.a. county sheriff deputies are the police force. >> members of the community have come up to us and many have told me personally, they feel much safer. >> reporter: how much do you save by not having a police department? >> a couple of million dollars a year. >> reporter: city councilman felipe said the alternative was bankruptcy. and it isn't just maywood and bell in the hole. >> there are about 5,000 units in california, everything from huge to tiny, and they're all feeling t inin ining the pinch. >> reporter: a worst of times tale that goes beyond two cities. george lewis, nbc news, maywood, california. a roadside bomb killed four nato troops in afghanistan
7:39 am
yesterday taking the july death toll to at least 53. the deaths come only a day after two american troops died after their helicopter went down in southern helmand province. today north korea is threatening south korea and the united states. slated to take place tomorrow. this comes on the heels of the deadly sinking of a south korean warship. both seoul and washington have pointed the finger at north korea. north korea has denied any involvement. joining us now to talk all about it is msnbc military analyst jacobs. why would they raise to a nuclear response? >> there's always the possibility that they're absolutely crazy. don't forget the north invaded the south in 1950 with no provocation. a couple of weeks ago, they sank a south korean ship with absolutely no provocation. i'm reminded about the observation of the poet, these
7:40 am
men are absolutely capable of anything. >> it seems these are routine threats. how do we determine the latest threat? what should we think at this point? >> well, i think it is credible. i think we have to take it face value just about anything that north korea threatens to do. and indeed, take actions to prevent things that they have not said they might do. because they are capable of doing anything. they have 1 million men under arms. 40% of the gross domestic product in north korea goes to the military. all the food that goes to north korea goes to the military. >> in the meantime, secretary of state clinton has been in the region, i believe she's in south korea right now. she said let's go ahead and keep the dialogue open. be now that all of this has happened, what does that do? i'm sure it puts a damper on it. >> well, i don't think it necessarily closes the possibility of having talks. they may not be meaningful, but talks with north korea. but we're not going to do them
7:41 am
by ourselves. don't forget in the region, there's lots of interested parties, japan, south korea, russia, and also china who is the 800-pound gorilla in the region. >> could china stop war games? >> no, they can't stop war games. they can carry on. they can be the linchpin in making sure that north korea gets to the table. don't forget that china has been opposed to any further deeper sanctions to north korea. why? not because they don't like north korea necessarily but because if things get really, really bad in north korea, what happens? a million refugees stream from north korea to china then the chinese have to deal with them too. that's why they're interested in keeping north korea contained. >> we appreciate you keeping an eye on it. >> thanks for having me here. >> thanks so much. well, they are the leading ladies in the tabloids. kate gosselin and sarah palin. and now it appears the two may be striking up a friendship.
7:42 am
what brought them together? that's straight ahead on "msnbc saturday."
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all right. just so you know, the owner of that donkey that was put on a p parasail in russia will not face cruelty charges. authorities say the animal survived it in good health. more trouble for apple. cnet says the company that makes the ipad's display cannot keep up with demand even though the factories are running at full capacity. apple has sold more than 3 million ipads so far and many are still on back order. just so you know, a downside to the fancy electronic gadgets is called computer vision syndrome affecting 70% of users. headaches and blurred vision are two of the symptoms. the smaller the device, the bigger the problem. and the federal government may make movie theaters, provide
7:46 am
closed captioning for the hearing-impaired. one of the several proposed rules for the americans with disabiliti disabilities act. "salt" is spicing up the box office this weekend. but can it take the top? >> somebody's going to try to kill the russian president. you know that! do something about that. that's what you should be worried about. >> quit now! >> all right. let's get the details now from amy palmer, senior editor for "in touch weekly." we just saw angelina there. >> don't you love her? >> i do. >> she's kicking butt. >> she is kicking butt. she's doing it well. how is "salt" doing? >> so the reviews are mixed. however, we do believe she's going to take the number one spot coming in at around $40 million. she will topple "inception" which came in at $62.8 million last weekend.
7:47 am
this is quintessential angelina, doing most of her own stunts. this was originally meant for tom cruise. so she has that feminine spin on it. and let's not forget she's one of the biggest movie stars in the world. she has a huge built-in audience. we say number one for her. >> lucky for the guys, right? >> absolutely. >> so lindsay lohan, she's in jail. >> she's in jail. >> and i understand she's had a couple of visitors. samantha ronson. >> the relationship has never been confirmed by the two of them, but it's widely known they were involved. samantha ronson came, her mother and sister ally came to visit her. she will not be allowed visitors this weekend. the county jail does not allow for visitors more than two 30-minute visitors per week. >> when will she get out? >> we believe august 1st, but her team is working to get her out sooner. >> then she goes to rehab.
7:48 am
>> for 90 days. >> will she do the full 90 days? >> she has to do the 90 days, it's mandated by the court. we hope she gets the help she needs. >> you don't have to do the full jail sentence, but you do have to do all of the rehab? >> yes, i know, but i do think the rehab would probably help her more than the jail time. it's obvious she has such a problem and i think that america and hollywood really wants her to get better. i can't tell you how much reporting i've done on young hollywood and prescription drugs. it's really an epidemic. >> and everybody's looking for a comeback. and i hear she has a clothing line lined up, right? >> well, she has a leggings line that she was promoting the past few months. and it's done pretty well, but i don't think lindsay can really focus too much on her career while she's obviously battling addiction and, of course, the jail sentence. >> quickly because everybody wants to hear about this story. >> yes. >> because it involves kate gosselin who we all know from "jon & kate plus 8," but then sarah palin, what is this about?
7:49 am
>> it's like reality dream team. so sources closest to the panelists tell us that sarah palin is going camping with kate gosselin in alaska and this is being filmed for "kate plus 8." sarah palin has a reality show coming up called "sarah palin's alaska." it's kind of like cross branding because tlc is owned by discovery. >> you say she has a reality show? what are bristol and levi going to do? they're supposed to have a reality show, as well. >> right. well, bristol and levi say they do not want a reality show. we can confirm that they are shopping anything, but at this point we wouldn't be surprised. >> amy palmer, thanks so much for stopping by. alvin greene, he's on the scene, it's a new viral rap video aimed at helping the little known democrat getting elected to the senate. he stunned the south carolina establishment by winning the nomination without even campaigning.
7:50 am
greene says he didn't make the video, but he definitely enjoys it. [ male announcer ] how do you turn one box of honey nut cheerios cereal... ...into a free year's supply? be one of thousands to win free honey nut cheerios for an entire year... its great taste
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7:53 am
a bus driver in india who was angry with management has taken the indifferent attitude toward his protest to new heights. a cell phone tower. while other protesting drivers remain on the ground, the driver on top the tower says he won't come down until their demands are met. the drivers are upset they are still just temporary help and haven't been granted full-time status. well, police in marina valley are still searchi insear. and funeral service will be held next week. joining us now from washington with the very latest is investigative crime reporter michelle sagona.
7:54 am
thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> what are the police saying as they search for a possible killer here? >> well, what's interesting is earlier on in the week investigators did tell me there appeared to be some sort of struggle in the field. they weren't sure exactly what. and if they were, they were keeping that information close to the vest. and when i spoke to norma's older sister elizabeth, she said that when norma didn't show up at her location, the younger sister actually went out there. and that's where she found all of norma's contents. her book bag, make-up, things like that in this field area that's out in front of the school. and that's when a nearby neighbor called 911. >> in the meantime, we know that a green suv was seen fleeing from the scene. how are they connecting this vehicle to the situation? >> well, again, what i was told by investigators was that this is a vehicle that may not necessarily be involved with the abduction. may not necessarily be involved with her murder, but it is a vehicle that they believe that was in the area at the time she did go missing.
7:55 am
so whomever was driving this particular vehicle, they really need to identify and talk to at this particular point. norma's body was found literally about 2 1/2 to 3 miles from the area where she went missing. she was tossed in the middle of a field. she wasn't buried, near a tree line, and there was grass growing up around her. there was a person outside sort of working in the yard that came across her body and that's when they called 911. norma is one of seven children -- as you mentioned she have going to summer school. very friendly -- i'm told by her family she didn't have any enemies at all. so this is a complete mystery. >> what condition did they find the body in? were there any signs of maybe sexual assault, if you will? >> well, that's a very good question. and that's something that investigators will not comment on. they did get the results of the medical examiner's report back earlier this week indicating that, yes, this is norma lopez. but as far as her cause of
7:56 am
death. if there was sexual assault, things of that nature, if they do know it, they're not releasing that information yet. so this week, her funeral is planned. those summer school classes for the kids did, in fact, end yesterday. and norma had been attending those classes since june 25th. so each morning she got there around 7:10 from what i'm told she was dropped off by family and usually stayed until about 10:00 a.m. each day. so this is very troubling for this community. >> thank you so much for staying on top of it for us. we do appreciate it. thank you. it's a video that proves without a doubt that a whale did, indeed, collide with a yacht. that story straight ahead right here on "msnbc saturday." i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation.
7:57 am
our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right. [ female announcer ] start your morning... hey. what are you doing up?
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right now on msnbc, bonnie and the gulf coast. the tropical depression is gunning right for the oil spill. what's the fallout? another roller coaster ride, wall street ends the week on


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